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What Does Medical Grade Mean?

medical grade stainless steel

You see these two words “medical grade” on nearly everything, but what do they really mean? Would you suffer if you passed up a medical grade item for something non-medical grade? Well, medical grade simply means that it is designed for the healthcare industry, and requires a physician to sell it.

It’s like a stamp of quality, where things like medical grade CBD oil or medical grade stainless steel are proven to be safe and effective to be used in or near the human body. The medical grade stainless steel is often what’s used in most medical tools, because with surgeries, the tools need to be sterilized and work as intended.

No doctor wants a lawsuit because their tools didn’t work effectivity and a surgery was botched. So medical tools are put through rigorous testing before they are used by doctors. The most common stainless steel is called stainless steel 304, which is not only very strong, but also very malleable and workable. So, it can be molded into shapes and different tools without any trouble.

The steel also has a number of properties, such as a high rust and corrosion resistance, the ability to be recycled, a heavy resistance to staining, and resistance to the cold. It’s even nonmagnetic, so it won’t attract or disturb any other metal in the body. These properties are why it and its variants are so well used in the medical industry, because it fulfills almost every need.

Having something be medical grade, whether it is stainless steel, vitamins, or CBD oil means that you are getting an assured stamp of quality on the product. It will be able to, and has been tested to, help you deal with whatever you need it too. So get the product and then put it to work for you!